Thursday, April 24, 2008

10 Simple Tips for Weight Loss and Better Health!

As promised, here are my top 10 simple tips:

1) See your doctor for testing
*Before you start any diet and exercise program, you have to know your overall health condition. Your doctor can determine the condition of all major organs and systems as well as conducting stress tests and evaluating blood work. Your doctor's recommendations will point you in the right direction.

2) Clean up your diet
*Eliminate alcohol, cigarettes, sweets, sodas, excess salt, fast food, pork, and all other junk food from your diet. Go through your cabinets and refrigerator and just throw them out!

3) Keep a food journal
*Honesty and accountability are the keys to staying on the healthy diet wagon. Not only will you see what you are putting into your body, you can make notes on what events/emotions your were experiencing at that time.

4)Set clear goals
*Examples include any of the following:

"I am overweight and toxic. I need to eliminate fast food from my diet and lose 30 pounds by August 31, 2008."

"My waist is over 35 inches because I don't exercise and I love sweets. I must lose 3 inches from my midsection in the next six weeks."

5)Get moving!
*Walking is the best form of exercise. Start with 20 minutes a day, 3 days a week, at a moderate pace.

6)Start cooking!

7)Measure your waistline once a month
*Women should measure 35 inches or less and men should come in under 40.

8)Add resistance to your cardio
*Building muscle boosts your metabolism. Your calorie burn continues for hours after your workout!

9)Cleanse your major systems and supplement your diet
*More on this in a later post--Stay Tuned!

10)Water, water, water!
*Drink half your weight in ounces daily. Drink more if you are exercising (4 oz. every 15 minutes).

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