Wednesday, November 2, 2016

You only get one shot!

I find it very interesting that anything and everything that heals, liberates, educates, and uplifts a people is considered "controversial". Don't you? Think about it. The people in your life seem to lose their individual and collective minds when you make a change in your lifestyle that goes against the grain.

Some of my favorite OMG moments include:

1) "I don't always vote Democrat/Republican. I vote my interests."

2) "I am going to stop relaxing my hair and just go natural."

3) "No, thanks. I am a vegetarian/vegan."

4) "My daughter doesn't go to public school. We are homeschoolers."

5) "Not eating/drinking until the sun goes down. I am fasting for the next thirty days. It's Ramadan."

6) "Flu shot? I'll pass. Haven't had the flu in decades."

7) "We don't immunize."

Wait. Say what now? You MUST to take your flu shot every year and you MUST keep up with those immunizations. If you don't, the entire human race will be wiped out. Not so. Vaccines and the like have only been around about 200 years. Guess what? We are still here.

While we push the ideal that we live in a free-thinking society, our culture really isn't as endowed and empowered as we pretend to be. Somehow, using your brain makes you a rebel. There is a stigma associated with questioning anything.

We must be mindful that there is a much greater agenda pulling the strings of public opinion. The Wizard is behind the curtain--to find Him, pay attention to the laws that are passed to protect the bottom line of our biggest industries (Big Pharma and the food industry). Simply put, just follow the money trail.

I am going to curtail my commentary and offer you some resources that will help you make an informed decision about vaccinations. Check these out and decide for yourself. You only get one shot at this life. It's God-given. Don't let anybody tell you that it's not.

"CDC Whistle-Blower Admits that the MMR Vaccine Causes Autism"

"Vaxxed the Movie" exposes the harmful effects of vaccinations, especially on young Black boys.

"Vaccines Cause Autism: Supporting Evidence" by Mike Adams, The Health Ranger

MMR Vaccine and Autism - Press Conference at CDC Headquarters, October 23, 2015

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Mercury, Vaccines, Autism, and Black Boys, October 18, 2015

Be good to yourself! More next time...