Monday, October 20, 2008

Fall Fitness and Family Time

Year-round exercise can be a challenge with increasing precipitation, cooler temperatures, and the end of leisure time enjoyed during the the summer months. With increasing sedentary lifestyles in the U.S. and the decline of physical education in the schools, families must become more creative to incorporate physical activity into their family time.

In a book entitled How to Eat to Live by Elijah Muhammad, we learn that walking is the best form of exercise. If you pay attention to the covers of health and fitness magazines, few fail to mention walking as an optimal method for maintaining healthy a weight. Exercise will not only keep stress at bay during the present financial crisis, but driving less and walking more will save you at the pump and at the doctor's office.

In an article entitled "Get Active as a Family" (, the following suggestions are made:

* Go for a bike ride.
* Take a swim at the pool or lake.
* Walk around a local track.
* Hike a wilderness trail.
* Walk along the beach.
* Take a trip to the local rink for roller-, ice-, or in-line skating.
* Play a game of catch or touch football.
* Play at a local playground.
* Jump rope or play hopscotch.
* Walk around at the zoo.
* Play tag, hide-and-seek, or keep-away.

Don't overlook money-saving chores that will satisfy your weekly fitness requirements. Wash your own car, cut the grass and rake your leaves, clean out the gutters, wash your windows or power wash your siding and driveways, paint the trim, and clean your house. You'll burn more calories, enlist involvement from your family members which will save time, save some money, and improve your collective health and wellness.

Hope this helps! More next time...