Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pay Attention to Your Family History

Knowing your family medical history is critical to creating a wellness and fitness plan for your life.While it is not guaranteed that you will develop heart disease or diabetes, know that the likelihood is greater if there is history of these diseases in your family. Often, it is the repetition of a pattern of behaviors that leads to illness. Making healthy lifestyle changes can greatly improve your odds of breaking the cycle. So, if you want to be healthy and fit, then you must do what healthy and fit people do.

Here are some simple tips for ensuring good health:

*Get plenty of fiber from whole grains, fresh fruits, and vegetables.
*Eat lean protein including beans, seeds, and quinoa.
*Consume healthy fats from foods like salmon and olive oil.
*Avoid refined (packaged) foods like white bread, white rice, sugar, grits, and desserts.
*Get regular exercise most days of the week for at least 30 minutes per session.
*Maintain a healthy weight.
*Women waistlines should be at or below 35" and men should stay below 40".
*Practice stress management techniques like meditation and yoga.
*Drink 8-12 glasses of water daily.
*Sleep 7-8 hours per day.

Be good to yourself! More next time...

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