Thursday, October 9, 2008

Getting "Well"

The next time that you watch a TV commercial ad about the newest prescription drug, pay attention to how much time is spent on detailing the SIDE EFFECTS that may result from taking it. Basically, taking the drug can alleviate the old illness while replacing it with a new one. The average American has long-suffered with disparities in the quality and accessibility of health care coverage and treatment coupled with the rising costs of medications. In the present economy, or what's left of it, people can neither afford to sick much less get well. What's the solution? Here are some options.

1) Clean up your diet and start exercising. Almost all sickness is a direct result of poor nutrition: obesity, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, high blood pressure, etc. Stop eating so much. Look at food as fuel for the body. Proper fasting will cure many ills. Take care of your nutrition and your body will take care of itself.If you have a weakness for soda and candy bars (sugar, sugar, sugar) and spend $3.00 per day, you could pocket about $90.00 per month and lose some weight.

2) Stop smoking and drinking and save that money. Not only are these habits detrimental to your health, they are expensive. If cigarettes cost $4.00 per pack, and you smoke 2 packs per day, then (by quitting) in a month's time you will have saved at least $224.00. (How much is your insurance premium again?)

3) Practice preventive medicine. See your doctor once a year for a check up. Your treatment options are broader when an ailment is detected in its early stages and it will be a lot less expensive. Don't put it off until tomorrow--tomorrow is not promised. If you have ever had a full-blown toothache, then you know the penalty for putting off dental checkups (compare $75-100 for x-ray and cleaning to $350-500+ for fillings, extractions, root canals and/or crowns plus pain medications and/or antibiotics). Ouch! You might want to see your dentist every six months as well.

4) Explore alternative medicine. Long before HMO's came on the scene, people treated their ailments with items found in their kitchens--often picked right out of their own gardens. Here are some excerpts from an article entitled, "Understanding Naturopathic Medicine:Medicine with a Natural Focus" by Beth Farrell (

"With natural healing becoming more and more popular, one of the terms you may commonly hear is naturopath. But, you may wonder, what exactly is a naturopath?

"Simply put, a naturopath is a health professional trained in the practice of natural medicine and healing through an accredited institution. Also known as a Naturopathic Doctor or N.D., a naturopath believes that the human body strives to be well and balanced and, when experiencing illness or pain, it can be encouraged to be healthy through natural methods. Doctors of naturopathy are not traditional medical doctors but they are extensively trained in such subjects as anatomy, homeopathy, nutrition, physiology and counseling.

What do they treat?

"Because naturopaths believe in treating the whole person, they will focus on all aspects of a person's health and wellness, which include the mind, emotions and spirit as well as the physical. They will gear their treatment of the person by addressing not only the illness but all the underlying causes of the illness. For this reason treatments can be very diverse and may include such things as herbal remedies, aromatherapy, massage, nutritional counseling, biofeedback or acupressure, depending upon the needs of the person they are treating. There is also a strong focus on preventive medicine by keeping the body healthy through proper nutrition, physical activity and stress management..."

5) Do something for your mind and your spirit. Start journaling. Practice prayer and/or meditation. Get proper rest. Help a friend in need. Pay attention to the negative noise in your head and replace every negative thought with 7 positive ones.

I challenge you to make at least one of these changes and email me your results in 30 days. I think that you will be better for it! (smile)

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